Zincalume vs RCC Tanks: Why RCC Tanks Fall Short of Zincalume

Zincalume vs RCC Tanks: Why RCC Tanks Fall Short of Zincalume


Regarding choosing a water storage tank, two popular choices are reinforced cement concrete (RCC) and Zincalume tanks. However, when you delve deeper into the properties, benefits, and uses of both of these tanks, it’s apparent that RCC tanks often need to catch up to Zincalume tanks.

RCC tanks were the preferred choice for their durability and strength. But as technology has evolved, so have our options for water storage. Enter Zincalume tanks. These next-gen tanks offer both durability and improved manufacturing techniques and material technologies that give them an edge. As you read further, you will uncover why Zincalume tanks have become popular and have supplanted RCC tanks as the preferred choice for many.

Learn how Zincalume’s superiority lies in its technology-savvy makeup, consumer-friendly features, and enhanced capabilities. Today, more and more individuals and industries are switching to Zincalume—here’s why!

Durability: A Clear Advantage With Zincalume

RCC tanks, made from cement concrete, exhibit satisfactory durability in terms of crack resistivity. However, they can eventually deteriorate due to the ingress of pollutants, leading to weakening and cracks. This leaks and weakens the tank structure over time.

In comparison, the metal alloy used in Zincalume tanks offers extraordinary strength and durability. Crafted using a blend of zinc, aluminum, and silicon, Zincalume tanks exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance, retain their power, and significantly prolong their lifespan compared to traditional RCC tanks.

Installation & Maintenance: Zincalume Takes the Lead

Installation and maintenance are significant considerations when choosing a tank. RCC tanks require a complex installation process that involves drying, curing, plastering, and waterproofing stages. Once installed, routine maintenance like anti-algae treatment, waterproofing, and regular cleaning are mandatory to maintain the tank’s functionality.

Zincalume tanks have a more straightforward and quicker installation process. They come with bolted panels for easy assembly. Maintenance-wise, Zincalume tanks only require scheduled cleaning and the occasional bolt tightening. Not only does this reduce potential downtime, but it also leads to overall lower maintenance costs.

Water Quality: Clean and Safe with Zincalume

The tank’s material composition can affect the water quality held in a tank. In the case of RCC tanks, the water can often adopt a peculiar taste due to the leaching of cement particles. Additionally, the cracks and crevices in RCC tanks become breeding grounds for algae, leading to substandard water quality.

Zincalume tanks, on the other hand, preserve the purity of the stored water. The interior of these tanks doesn’t influence the water’s taste or quality. Furthermore, the close-fitted panels discourage algae growth, ensuring the water stays clean and safe.

Design Flexibility: More Options with Zincalume

RCC tanks offer limited architectural flexibility since structural constraints govern the designs. Besides, any alterations or renovations later can be taxing and expensive.

Zincalume tanks do not face these limitations. Thanks to their adaptable modular design, these units can be tailored to accommodate various storage capacities and adapt to diverse site conditions. Plus, additional panels can be readily installed when power needs to be expanded, which isn’t an option with RCC tanks.

Environmentally Friendly: Zincalume Wins Again

RCC tanks contribute to higher CO2 emissions due to cement manufacturing. Once their lifespan is over, they become environmental waste and are difficult to dispose of.

Zincalume tanks exhibit a lesser environmental footprint. The manufacturing process of Zincalume is more energy-efficient, and the resultant tanks are 100% recyclable.


RCC tanks have indeed lost their crown to the emergent, superior Zincalume tanks, the new favorites for water storage. Packed with unbeatable durability, minimal maintenance needs, and a clear edge in water quality preservation, Zincalume tanks are the comprehensive solution for modern water storage.

Add to that their flexible design capabilities and environmentally conscious manufacturing, and it’s no wonder Zincalume tanks outshine their RCC counterparts. Step into the future of water storage with Zincalume—making the choice more accessible, simpler, and simply better. Experience the unmatched benefits of Zincalume tanks with Kymik, a trusted manufacturer offering top-quality water storage solutions. Choose Kymik for exceptional durability, low maintenance, and design flexibility to meet your storage needs. Upgrade to eco-friendly Zincalume tanks by Kymik today and enjoy pure, safe water storage. Visit our website!

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