Advantages of Using Kymik Industries’s Zincalume Water Storage Tank

Advantages of Using Kymik Industries’s Zincalume Water Storage Tank

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In the ever-evolving landscape of liquid storage solutions, the Zincalume water storage tank stands as a technological marvel, rewriting the rules of durability, efficiency, and versatility. Leading this transformative wave is Kymik, a trailblazer in the fabrication of bolted Zincalume water tanks.

These tanks represent a paradigm shift in the industry, harnessing the power of Zincalume alloy steel—a unique blend of zinc, aluminum, and silicon. Kymik’s commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect, from the anti-rust and contamination-resistant properties of the steel to the reinforced multi-layer, food-grade PVC liner sourced from the USA or UK.

Beyond structural excellence, Kymik’s tanks promise swift installations, a vast capacity range of 10,000 to 5 million liters, and a minimal maintenance life of 40–60 years. As the horizon of liquid storage undergoes a revolution, Kymik stands as the vanguard, redefining expectations and setting new benchmarks for the industry.

The Foundation: Zincalume Steel

Kymik’s liquid storage tanks are crafted from Zincalume alloy steel, a blend of zinc, aluminum, and silicon. This amalgamation fortifies the tank against rust and contamination and imbues it with remarkable moisture resistance, anti-fungal properties, and the ability to withstand heat. Silicon acts as a metal bonding agent, ensuring the tank’s structural integrity under various conditions.

Beyond Steel: The Reinforced Multi-Layer Liner

One of Kymik’s Zincalume water tank’s standout features is the liquid storage media-reinforced multi-layer, food-grade PVC liner imported from the USA or UK. This high-grade liner is a barrier, guaranteeing that the stored water has no contact with the steel structure. This ensures the purity of the reserved liquid and eliminates the need for silicones or sealants.

Applications Beyond Boundaries

Kymik’s Zincalume steel storage tanks find application across various scenarios, proving exceptionally beneficial and cost-effective. These tanks are designed to meet diverse needs, from raw water and firewater to a range of liquids with different densities. The applications extend to effluent water, wastewater, seawater, alkaline/acidic chemicals, ethanol, solvents, and more.

Swift Installations, Longevity Ensured

The allure of Kymik’s Zincalume water storage tanks lies in their structural prowess and the speed of installation. A 200-cubic-meter tank can be assembled on-site within 4-6 days. These tanks boast a minimum no-maintenance life of 40–60 years, making them a long-term, low-maintenance solution. The internally reinforced PVC-lined tanks are non-corrosive and meet food-grade standards, ensuring the stored liquid’s purity.

Capacity Unleashed: From 10,000 Liters to 5 Million Liters

Kymik offers various capacities, catering to projects of varying scales. The available ability spans from a minimum of 10,000 liters to a staggering 5 million liters. With a maximum height of 10.72 meters and a diameter stretching up to 30 meters, these tanks are designed to accommodate diverse needs.

Beyond Containment: pH Control and Modular Design

The technical specifications of Kymik’s Zincalume water storage tanks extend to their suitability for different liquids. These tanks are designed for storage with a pH level between 4 and 12, making them versatile for various substances, from effluent and wastewater to seawater and chemicals. The modular kit structure ensures easy handling and installation, even in restricted spaces.

Advantages Amplified: The Kymik Edge

The benefits of choosing Kymik’s Zincalume water storage tanks extend beyond their structural excellence. The kit form structure is modular and demountable, allowing for easy relocation if needed. The fully welded one-piece liner eliminates the need for sealing and is designed to move with any flexing of the tank wall.

Versatility Redefined: From Colors to Transportation

Kymik offers a full range of factory-pre-coated colors, allowing clients to customize their tanks according to their aesthetic preferences. Additionally, the tanks can be painted if desired. The versatility continues with the tanks’ transportation capabilities—each tank can be shipped or transported almost anywhere, thanks to a completely modular knockdown design. The ability to pack between 15 and 25 units into a sea container makes transportation by sea, rail, or air a viable option.

Reliability in Repairs: Damage Control and Replacement

Accidental damage is a reality, but Kymik has it covered. In the event of damage, all tank components are replaceable, sparing the customer from investing in an entirely new tank. Replacement parts can even be air-freighted if required, ensuring swift resolution.

Conclusion: The Kymik Promise

Kymik’s Zincalume water storage tanks are a testament to innovation, reliability, and longevity in liquid storage solutions. From the robust Zincalume steel to the reinforced multi-layer liner, every component is meticulously designed to offer a seamless blend of strength, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. The future of liquid storage has arrived, and it bears the watermark of Kymik.

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